Drew Mastromartino | About

I am a Toronto based integrated producer. My passion for producing content stems from the belief that exposure to different perspectives can have a positive impact on people’s lives.

What excites me most about my job is getting the chance to collaborate with other people who also feel the same way. Clients like Warner Bros L.A., Warner Bros U.K., Universal Music Group, Coca-Cola, Alternative Press, Sobeys, Boston Pizza, The Terry Fox Foundation, and M.S. Society have inspired me to continue raising the bar on my work.

Anyone can produce and share content, but not everyone can get it seen — even if it’s great content. This struggle has forced me to think smarter about distribution strategies when producing content with clients. My experience with SEO have helped clients reach over 13.5M organic views on their videos to date, with the highest viewed video currently at 4.7M views.

Shoot me a line at drew@drewmastromartino.com to see how I can help you achieve your vision. You can also find me on LinkedIn.

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